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The Department of Teaching and Learning is committed to improving the education of all students, providing high quality teacher education to pre-service teachers, and offering professional learning opportunities for in-service teachers. We prepare the next generation of specialists and researchers who will serve as leaders in schools, faculty members in a variety of settings, and experts in community programs and beyond.

We prepare the next generation of teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and practitioners to improve education for all students.

Bruce Baker, Ph.D.

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Faculty's Perspective

Mary A. Avalos is a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Her research interests include teacher development and professionalism and literacy/language development for multilingual learners using Systemic Functional Linguistics as a tool for language teaching. Dr. Avalos shares her thoughts on how the SEALED project provided funding for the higher educational pursuits of teachers.


Our department has several research projects that our faculty and staff have developed. Below are just a few examples that we would like to highlight.

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Instead of measuring motivation by paper-based instruments, Dr. Kim has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to detect student’s motivation based on facial expressions and emotions.
The Teacher Preparation Office manages all aspects of the undergraduate programs in teacher preparation, including the Elementary Education/Exceptional Student Education major, the Professional Training Option (secondary education) minor, and the general education minor.

Dr. Kim is collaborating with faculty in the College of Engineering on using augmented reality (AR) headsets from Magic Leap to attract and engage undergraduate students.

Supporting Educators’ Academic Literacies and Enhanced Discourse (SEALED)