Inspire “U” Academy

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Dr. Wendy Cavendish, along with partners at Booker T. Washington Senior High School and UM’s Office of Academic Enhancement, developed the Inspire U Academy program for developmental peer mentoring of high school students with college aspirations.

Inspire “U” Academy is a mentoring program that offers structured on-campus events, college preparation activities, and student led workshops where high school student participants have the opportunity to develop positive relationships with UM undergraduate student leaders. Inspire U Academy supports the college aspirations of urban high school students by providing access to dedicated mentors and authentic college experiences.

The program has partnered over 200 UM Hammond and Gates Scholar first generation college students with Booker T Washington high school students over the last 5 years. Student leadership is a core of the program, and program components are coordinated by UM undergraduate and graduate student leaders. Graduate students also participate in mixed methods research activities related to the program.