Learning with the Lowe

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  • Lowe Art Museum


  • Matthew DerooAssistant Professor
  • Jodi Sypher, Curator of Education at the Lowe


Learning with the Lowe is a student-generated project that provides a unique opportunity to share artwork from the Lowe Art Museum with local school children through the creation of lesson plans that will be made publicly available through the museum’s website. Undergraduate students enrolled in TAL 404 Content Area Literacy in the Secondary Classroom visited the Lowe across one academic semester and designed lesson plans based on art objects at the Lowe. The artwork selected for this project represents a variety of the Lowe’s collection across time and form including paintings, photography, tapestry, sculpture, and glass. Art for this project were purposefully selected for use in teaching across a number of academic content areas from social studies to science, mathematics, and English. The culminating event of this project was to be an evening of art hosted at the Lowe between UM students and Miami Dade Country Public School teachers as they share mutual learning gained from the project. However, due to COVID-19 the event was cancelled. Instead, we recorded UM undergraduate students sharing about their lesson plans and have complied them into a series of videos to be posted to the Lowe’s website. The project’s goal is to integrate the Lowe’s resources into the local community and to support both UM and local school students’ learning across contexts. This approach not only enhances curriculum at the University of Miami, but also supports learning at local schools. The Learning with the Lowe project therefore provides UM students with important professional skills and expertise as they lead discussion about the Lowe’s works of art to further expand the boundaries of the museum into public schools and across the local community.